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Phone sketch with a White board pen

This is what a phone sketch can look like when I'm having a good day. I got a hold of a white board pen and started sketching on a quite glossy paper, which made it hard to do many lines on top on each other without smudging the lines underneath, which forced me to keep the sketch sketchy and not do over do it, which I often do. I should probably think like this more often when sketching to keep the sketches clean and nice. Sometimes though when designing I feel I need to do some more messy sketches as well, because that gives me more freedom to really experiment with the shapes. But at the same time I think you come up with different shapes when using different styles, so a mix of both is probably the best. Sometimes a more sketchy sketch (which for me means less and "faster" lines) can help to focus more on the main shapes of the car and also hinder that I get stuck in too much details in a too early stage.

Equipment: Green white board pen
Time: 15 min

Equipment: Green white board pen + Photoshop CC
Time: 15 min + 5 min

First Car Sketch in a While

First time in a while that I've been staying over after work just to sketch for fun. Also the first proper car sketch in a couple of months, probably because I have been doing some vehicle concept design lately, which has satisfied my car sketching needs. I was looking at some videos of the new Volvo XC 60 (coming out in 2018), which I think looks truly awesome - Swedish design at it's best! ...and that inspired me to do some slightly sporty looking SUV sketching. In the end it didn't turn out to be very SUVish, which is often the case for me, I guess I need to copy some SUV designs to learn how the proportions should look... A funny thing when I was sketching the sketch below is that I had a quite relaxed sitting position, which resulted in that I looked at the sketch a bit from the side, which resulted in the sketch being twisted. Fortunately there is Photoshop to correct mistakes like that. 

Below is the result in 3 different steps. The reason why it took so long time is because I was playing around with the shapes a lot, trying different things and also I kept on experimenting in Photoshop after scanning the sketch.

Equipment: Black Biq ballpoint pen + Photoshop CC (For cleaning up dots around the sketch)
Time: 40 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC (Mostly for fixing the proportions and "untwisting" the sketch)
Time: 20 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC (Adding white lines to highlight and enhance some design features)
Time: 30 min

Hobit Party Sketch

This sketch is my contribution to the guestbook in a graduation/birthday party I was attending yesterday. The party was held in a house from the mid 18th century (1750) and had an almost fantasy feeling to it, which made it the perfect place for the party, because the theme was Lord of the Rings. The graduate himself was dressed out as a hobit, hence the motif below.