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Future Transportation "Pod"

Sketching on a conceptual autonomous future transportation "pod", which is one of 4 concept vehicles that I'm working on for a future scenario that ÅF will present for the leading politics in Sweden during Almedalsveckan this year. The idea is not that this very design will become reality, but the intention is to show the politicians that ÅF is thinking forward and to describe very briefly how we as a company imagine that the future cities will work. The cool thing about ÅF is that it's such a big company with a such broad technological competence that we actually have the possibility to make big scale things like this happen in the real world, so I'm thrilled to be part of visioning for what Swedish transportation could look like in 10 year's time.

Equipment: Copic Markers (C2, C4), Black Biq ballpoint pen
Time: 1-10 minutes/sketch

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