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ÅF Future Concept - Container Handler Teaser

At the moment I'm very lucky with exiting conceptual projects at work. One example is the vehicle on the sketch below, which is a future concept of an autonomous container handler, designed to lift containers (and other heavy stuff) in for example harbours. It might look small and almost reminding of an autonomous indoor vacuum cleaner, but with it's 4,5 meters in diameter it's slightly bigger, to say the least, and has some cool transformer inspired features and some other conceptual ideas that that hopefully will make the concept really interesting. I won't go into details now because the concept is very much work in progress, but I will post a more detailed presentation of the concept once it's finished. It might take some months since I'm only working on this when I don't have any other projects, which happens once in a while when working as a design consultant, but as long as I get to do fun things like this in between the projects I dont complain!

Equipment: Biq ballpoint pen, Photoshop CC (Liquify)
Time: 2-3 Hours (including a couple tries until I was happy with the sketch)

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