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ÅF Commercial Product Sketches

Some sketches of a commercial product for ÅF, which is one of the biggest consultancy bureaus in Sweden and my employer, that I've been working for for 1,5 years soon including half a year's internship. My title is industrial designer, or product designer, and I'm part of a team of around 20 product and interaction designers and surfacers from all over the world including Sweden, Italy, Turkey, India, Rumania, USA, Canada and Iran. ÅF also has a satellite design studio towards Volvo AB where around 50 partners and some employees work under ÅF's name.

The international environment is great to work in and I get to do exciting Projects, which make me feel like I'm learning a lot and developing as a designer, which is the most important thing in this period of my professional career. A good salary really comes secondary even if I cannot complain on that either, considering that I started working directly after my bachelor and only have 1,5 years experience from working professionally as a designer. The autumn was quite tough for me because my hole situation drained my energy and I had a hard time delivering at work, but now I'm on my way up again and I feel that the passion and the energy is coming back more and more every week. Probably the nice spring weather is helping my progress as well.

Equipment: Blue Bic ballpoint pen
Time: 1-15 minutes/sketch