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Wooohooo!! I'm getting my first employment as a professional designer!! I had a meeting with my boss this thursday and she offered me a full time employment here at ÅF (former Ångpanneföreningen) when my 6 month internship expires in february! Basically that means that this blog has served it's main purpose since the idea behind it was to show my progress on reaching my goal of working as a professional designer. However, I will keep posting sketches and other stuff that I do both here at ÅF and in my spare time. Unfortunately, working as a consult means that I cannot show most of what I do, which is understandable. But I need to keep practicing on my sketching and Photoshop skills, so I will do my best to keep updating this blog with new, hopefully inspiring, posts. Cheers!

Below is a sketch of some sort of off-road car that I did the other morning when warming up before work.

Equipment: Copic markers, Photoshop CC (Liquify)
Time: 1 hour

ABT movie

Here is a movie that I have done for my thesis work the "ABT" (Autonomous Baggage Train), also known as "Handling of Air Baggage". I promise, this will be the last post about my thesis work for a while...

If the video doesn't work, copy paste the link below: