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Analoge Rendering Course

Here are some old renderings that I did in the first year in the BA program here in Umeå. They are all made by using either markers or/and pastell (which I hate and have never used once since the end of that course!) but you can still get quite nice and smooth surfaces by using this technique.

Equipment: Copic Markers C0-C9, Verithin
Time: Probably around 30 min

This is an own design of a Teapot. The thought was that it should almost look like flowing water, but there wasn't really so much time to think of the design because the focus was on practising how to render chrome.

Equipment: Copic Markers, Pastell, Verithin
Time: Probably around 1 hour

This is a so called "speed shape" that is inspired of a whale.

Equipment: Pastell, Verithin
Time: Probably around 40 min

Equipment: Pastell, Verithin and a black Copic Marker
Time: Probably around 40 min

For this rendering I was looking at a picture in a car magazine and tried to more or less copy it. It became far from a perfect copy, but still a decent rendering.

Equipment: Copic Markers, Pastell, Verithin
Time: A couple of hours