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Sci-fi Life Drawing

This is what happend after I got bored in the life drawing class last week. I took a loose sketch where the proportions seemed ok and then I just played around, inspired of some kind of Sci-fi style. 

Equipment: Pilot V-sign and just a random red pen I found on the table... Photoshop CS6, for adding the gray
Time: 1 min ground porportions, 30 min building on the sketch and 15 min adding grayness in Photoshop

MC Sketch

Equipment: Black Copic marker and Photoshop CS6 (Cleaing away 
some dirt and correcting some small perspective issues with Liquify)
Time: 30 min

Equipment: Black Copic marker
Time: 15 min per sketch

Finishing the day by just sketching some random forms, which eventually turned into a motorcycle. I found something interesting in the 2nd sketch and I took inspiration from that and did a third which I put a bit more effort in.