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Telephone Sketch

As I was speaking to my girlfirend the other night I just started playing around in Photoshop and came up with this during the phone call. (Yes our calls can be quite long..) Sometimes the sketches can actually improve when you're not really trying. After that I just experimented with the car in photoshop and came up with the 2nd image. It's always good to explore new styles!

Equipment: Photoshop CS6
Time: 45 minutes (for the sketch)

Information Station Creation...

Still sketching for the Swedavia project. Here is more or less the final design and I'm soon gonna start model it in Rhino so I can get som kickass renderings for my finish presentation images. Meanwhile I will be sketching on the graphical interface of the map over the airport. So plenty to do in 6 days till the final presentation!!

Equipment: Copic Markers C2, C4, C6, C9, B21, Bleedproof Letraset paper, Photoshop CS6 (Liquify to fix some small bending of some curves and adjusting the "curves" in the layers menu to get some more contrast)
Time: 45 min/sketch

Stilleben - "Bullen"

I was looking through some old stuff and found this "still life" (Stilleben in swedish) that I did when applying to the Industrial Design program in Umeå 2 years ago. I remember sitting down and starting drawing it around 9 pm and then I worked on it 5-6 hours straight till it was done. Easily worth it since I got in to the program!

Equipment: Lead pencil, starting to sketch with the harder ones and then finishing off with the softer.
Time: 5-6 hours

Swedavia sketching

Here is some sketches on some ideas that I have for the current project that we're doing for Swedavia, the owner of all swedish airports. I feel that I'm starting to become friendly with my markers now and I have found a style that I think works fine for me when I'm doing quick ideations sketches. I start with a quite transparent marker, like in this case C2, and then after I feel happy with the proportions and the form I take the black marker and trace the lines that I like. It's almost impossible to see any of the C2 lines when it's done, so that enables me to be very loose and do alot of errors with the C2 that I can save with the stronger markers. I ususally apply color last, but in some cases it can mix abit with the black, so if you really wanna be sure, you can apply color directly on the C2 base. It's not even close as important as it is if you are sketching the base with ballpoint though! I finished the sketches by scanning them into Photoshop and moving them around a bit + using the superbe tool called liquify

Equipment: Copic markers: C2, C4, 100(Black) + colours
Time: 5-10 min/sketch