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Jewelery Project Part 2

This is an example of how the bracelet could look when it's used in an eveyday situation. One tap on it's surface will show you the time and two taps will start the music player. 

Jewelery Project Part1

This is a short, conceptual jewelery project that I have been working on last days for school. In its original mode it's a necklace and a bracelet, both covered by a thin screen that can project all sorts patterns, images and animations. The bracelet's screen also has a touch function on it's upper side and the built in musicplayer is activated from this touchscreen. So when the user wan't to listen to music he/she doubletaps the bracelet (one tap shows only the time) and splits the necklace, which is really two earphones joined together by magnets. The earphones are wirelessly connected to the bracelet, which in turn can be both charged and connected to other units (e.g. computers) wirelessly.

This concept was a way for me to play with the thought of what can be done if we in the future will have better and smaller batteries. All other materials and functions are available already today.

Equipment: Photoshop CS5, Wacom Cintiq
Time: A couple of hours..

BMW MC sketch

After having been to the Motorcycle Exhibition in Gothenburg last week I just had to sketch a bike! Since bikes are not what I usually sketch I watched a photo of a BMW bike that I like and tried to take inspiration from that. Quite happy with the result, even though it looked better when it was more half finished... Anyway, a great marker exercise 

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen, Markers: C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, Y19, B23, B37
Time: 3 hours

Ideation Sketching

Here are some sketches for a project about jewelery that I'm working on. It's not pretty to look at, but when you are in the early parts of a design process, speed is of much more importance than tight sketches. (I couldn't resist to put some effort in sketching an ear though..) I have also started to realize that "quick" many times look better than "perfection" and it's a fine balance to find the area where it's sketchy, but not too sketchy or too stiff.

To be continued...

Equipment: Black ballpointpen
Time: Just enough to put my ideas on the paper.. (I might have put 10 min on the ear though)

Quick sportscar sketches

Trying to loosen up a bit by using a thicker pen than what I normally use. A very good exercise because the
pen forces you to work quick or the sketch will become very messy straight away! (The sketches are not ment to be the same car..)

Pic 1
Equipment: Pilot V Sign pen
Time: 5 min

Pic 2
Equipment: Pilot V Sign pen
Time: 10 min effective work, 10 min playing around and filling in lines