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Quick old-school F1 car sketch

Equipment: Black Pilot ballpoint pen, 1.6 mm
Time: 10 min.

Peugeot Onyx Sketch and rendering

This is the result of a thursday night's work. I feel I am starting to become more and more "fluent" in Photohsop and I'm very pleased with how the rendering turned out! You can tell that I have been correcting the sketch, using the liquify tool, quite alot before adding shades and color, which is something I aim to do less in the future.

Pic 1
Equipment: Black Pilot ballpoint pen, 1,6 mm.
Time: 35 min.

Pic 2
equipment: Scanned in sketch and Photoshop CS5.
Time: One night ;)

Small car three quarter view sketch

I'm starting too feel quite comfident about the three quarter view now. Still alot to learn though...

Equipment: Blue fineliner
Time: 35 min

Off-road bike Sketch

Equipment: Copic marker (C1, C3, C5), Black ballpoint pen
Time: 30 min

Audi Sketch / Render

Tonight I have taken a well needed break from the creation of my portfolio and instead sketched some cars. I started of sketching the car by hand on an A3 paper. (first image) I took inspiration from a cool sketch I found on google and did my best to copy it. (no underlay). Then, after some tries, I was quite happy with the perspective and the proportions so I scanned the sketch and brought it into Photoshop. There I fixed some small errors in the perspective by using the "liquify" tool, cleaned the sketch up a bit and finished the rendering. I'm really happy with the result! FINALLY I got it right! :D

Equipment: Black ballpoint pen (1mm), a black marker, Photoshop CS5 and an entire friday evening.
Time: 9 hours

Range Rover Evoque Backpack Concept

I'm currently working on a Project for school, where the assignment is to design a backpack inspired by the Range Rover Evouque (Google it if you don't know what it looks like. VERY nice car!). The teacher of the project is Tony Catignani and so far it has been a really fun project. Underneath the sketch/rendering is a rough clay model, which I am going to go down and try to finish now. It will be a late night, but at the same time the work is very rewarding when I've gotten this far into the Project!

Somehow I can get just as much done in one hour in the night as I can in three hours in the morning... Hmmm.. I wonder why...

If you want to see the whole project, please have a look in my portfolio at:

Equipment: Clay, Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop Cs5)
Time: Unknown

Volvo Computer Mouse Concept Sketches

I have been just 5 min away from leaving school for 4 hours now... But I just can't get enough of school's Cintiqs! Here is one of my Creations, a sketch of my Volvo Computer Mouse Concept, which I'm currently working with for my portfolio.

equipment: Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop CS5)

Practising rendering in Photoshop. This trophy was used in an online F1 Leauge in a game that is now unfortunatly shut down. (It has nothing to do with the trophy sketch I posted some weeks ago..)

Equipment: Photoshop CS5
Time: Insanely long, because it took alot of time to learn all the new tools I learned how to use!

Equipment: Copic Marker, C1, C3, C5, C7, Pilot V-Sign, Photoshop CS6
Time: -

Equipment: Prisma color Verithin, Pilot Fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 2 hours

Designing a trophy for a Formula 1 online tournament.

Equipment: Pilot fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 25min

Sketching in Gothenburg with a friend and then playing around with the "curves" in photoshop

Equipment: Pilot Fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 1hour

Playing with my favourite toy: The Wacom Cintiq.

Equipment: Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop CS6)
Time: Unknown... (which means much longer than I want to admit)

Here is the result from playing around in Photoshop for a while. I wanted to challenge myself to create something as photorealistic as I could and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Equipment: Wacom Pen and Touch (Photoshop CS5)
Time: 1 hour

If you gotta sketch, you gotta sketch, even if you're in a bumpy car...

Equipment: Pilot Ballpoint pen
Time: 30min

This is me

So this is me, or correctly speaking transparent pieces, taken from 6 different pictures of myself, put together.. I study at Umeå University of design and is on the way of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional designer. My opinion is that the best designers know how to have fun while sketching and really that's what this blog is all about. Here I will post all sorts of creations, quick sketches, renderings, computermade sketches, handmade sketches, some schoolrelated work, other stuff made just for fun and probably alot of crappy dumps, which I will look back at in 5 years time and wish I never took the time to upload... Anyway, I do this because I want to show my progress and my development as a designer and hopefully inspire someone to find the joy in sketching along the way. Please ENJOY!