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ÅF Commercial Product Sketches

Some sketches of a commercial product for ÅF, which is one of the biggest consultancy bureaus in Sweden and my employer, that I've been working for for 1,5 years now including half a year's internship. My title is industrial designer, or product designer, and I'm part of a team of around 20 product and interaction designers from all over the world including Sweden, Italy, Turkey, India, Rumania, USA, Canada and Iran. The international environment is really exciting and I get to do exciting projects and I feel like I'm learning a lot and developing as a designer, which is the most important thing in this period of my professional life. A high salary really comes secondary even if I cannot complain on that either, considering that I started working directly after my bachelor and only have 1,5 years experience from working professionally as a designer. The autumn was quite tough for me because my hole situation drained my energy and I had a hard time doing my best at work and living my life the way I wanted, but now I'm on my way up again and I feel that the passion and the energy is coming back more and more every week. Probably the nice spring weather is help my progress as well.

Equipment: Blue Bic ballpoint pen
Time: 1-15 minutes/sketch

Small Car Facelift/Redesign Step by Step Sketch Rendering


Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: 45 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC (mostly Liquify)
Time: 15 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: 4 Hours

Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: 1 Hour

Car Sketch - Cobra

Staying over at work playing instead of going home to clean the apartment as planned... The sketch started as a phone doodle but then I got stuck in the world of sketching and Photoshop magic. Here is the original sketch and the final result.

Equipment: Staedler permanent Lumocolor M
Time: 30 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC (Liquify and some cleaning up)
Time: 20 min

Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: Experimenting for 3 hours (I did plenty of different versions, but I liked this the most because it caught the venomous feeling that I wanted to create the best)

Sketch Course Tutorial - Mini Screwdriver

With this image I wanted to show my sketch class students that sometimes it's good to be able to have a hand made sketch as an underlay when creating line drawings or renderings in the computer. I think that you have much more freedom to think and experiment with the design when sketching by hand (or on a Wacom) instead of just going into Illustrator or Photoshop directly and starting to do the line drawing/rendering from scratch. Good proportions can also be hard to achieve if you don't have a sketch to build on. Sketching by hand (or on a Wacom) is also, atleast for me, the quickest way to produce many sketches and form variations, which means that you have more to choose from and therefore are more likely to find a design that is what you want.

Equipment: Sketch: BIQ ballpoint pen, Line drawing: Photoshop (I know I should have used illustrator, but I was too lazy), Rendering: Photoshop
Time: Sketch: 15 min, line drawing 20 min, rendering 3 hours

Thesis work - The ABT (Autonomous Baggage Train) awarded with a Red Dot!

It's with great joy that I announce that my BA thesis work has been awarded with a Red Dot from Red Dot Awards, which is probably the biggest international design competition in the world.

Please check out my online exhibition at their homepage via the link below:

Another step by step example of how I sometimes use photoshop, and in particular the tool liquify, to clean up and improve my sketches. I wouldn't say all cheating is allowed, but in these cases I think it's a matter of making a sketch as good as possible rather than cheating. Underlay is another trick that I should probably use more often...

Equipment: Black Biq ballpoint pen
Time: 30 min sketch

Equipment: Photohsop CS5 (Liquify)
Time: 20 min

Car Sketch step by step guide

This is a good example of how I use the awesome Photoshop tool Liquify to improve my sketches. The plan was really to end there, but I started playing with adding shades and I think the end result turned out really nice, as well as the sketch. Hopefully I can learn this style so I can use it more often.

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen
Time: 1h

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen, Photoshop CC (liquify tool)
Time: 1h 15min

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen, Photoshop CC
Time: 1h 35min

Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: 20min
I'm trying to get back to sketching more regularly because I see how big difference it makes, even in my professional projects. This sketch is simply a matter of starting with a white paper, no specific inspiration or other sketches, just drawing something from my imagination and experimenting with form until I find something interesting. That is why the sketch is quite messy and maybe a bit over worked. But design wise I'm quite happy.

Equipment: Green Bic ballpoint pen
Time: 1 hour

Experimenting with sketch techniques

I'm trying to keep my sketching fresh by testing some different styles. For this one I tried to be really shaky on the hand. My oppinion is that the best benefits from this technique is that you get away from trying to make perfect lines, so it doesn't take to much focus. I also think that it's easier to experiment with form and to get a nice sketchy feeling, but as always I think the best is to be able to combine and switch between different styles when sketching in a project, because different styles helps you find different forms. Especially when you get stuck in a project it's very good to both work with different sketching styles and different sketching material, like different pens, analoge/digital...

I'm guessing that this technique suits quite well when you scan a sketch and render it in Photoshop. I might try to do that with the screwdriver to the right when I get time.

Equipment: Black ballpoint pen
Time: 2-10 min per sketch