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Me on the Inside

This is a sketch to illustrate my personality when it comes to food. I might not look like this in reality, but underneath the surface it's not too far off. I sketched it on a post-it patch and originally put it on a colleague's empty food box together with another post-it saying "Thx!" after she asked me if I wanted to eat it, since she had forgotten it in the work fridge. But then I kind of fell in love with this overweight version of me and now I keep him taped to my desktop lamp at my workplace.

Equipment: Blue Ballpoint pen, a Black felt pen and a post-it patch
Time: 10 min

Mclaren F1 Livery concept

Here is my suggestion for how I think the 2018 Mclaren F1 livery could be much improved with very small changes:

The orange livery has great potential and looks great already in some angles, but the design is inhibited by mainly one design flaw, in my oppinion: The blue should only be an accent color and I think it has been overdone in the present design. The similar Indy 500 livery on the other hand (see below) was excellent because of its super clean approach and really stood out from the rest of the field. As you can see the blue in that case was kept only to parts of the wings and the numbers while the orange was allowed to really dominate the main body, including the fin, which I think is the way to go with the F1 livery as well. With more, preferably black, graphical elements on the car it will look even better, for examples when there are more logos added to the car. Making the fin entirely orange would also makes the car look more aggressive because the appearance of the main body becomes more edgy and less round. My oppinion is that the combination of the round shape and the big blue and orange fields makes the present design almost look a bit childish. To further improve the livery the black parts could be made matte instead of glossy and possibly the halo could be orange, or partly orange. 

2017 Indy 500 Livery

Water Cooker Ballpoint Pen Sketch

Practicing my product design sketch skills during a church meeting. I've always said I listen better when I have something to keep my hands busy with, and that's why my math notebooks always had plenty of sketches along the sides in school, but at the same time I must admit it's a fine line to getting too much into the sketch when you find some interesting shapes or a nice looking sketch. After the church meeting a 70+ year old "sister" and friend saw my sketch and commented "Oh, that looks so much fun!". Sometimes age really doesn't matter very much.

Equipment: Blue Ballpoint Pen
Time: 20 min

New F1 logo design concepts

I'm a big fan of Formula 1 and my opinion is that the new F1 logo (The second logo below) is really, really bad, so I made some concepts on how to improve the design. The main problem is that the new logo says "FI" and not "F1" and I also think it lacks overall character.

Sketch Composition

I put together some sketches the other day to put in my CV. I think compositions are quite hard, but in this case I think it turned out quite nice.

Volvo Truck Sketch

I was with work on a conference recently at Falkenberg Strandbad, during which we watched some great presentations from people from the Swedish UX/Service design company Inuse. However, after sitting still for too long I tend to want to do something with my hands to keep focus, so I started to sketch a little while listening and here is one of my creations. I've realized that I often do my best sketches when I feel no pressure and sketch just because it's fun. 

Equipment: Pencil
Time: 25 min

Equipment: Pencil + Photoshop for cleaning up
Time: 25 min +15 min

Another White Board Pen Sketch

Equipment: Green whiteboard pen (used on paper) + Photoshop for cleaning up work
Time: 5 min +1 min

Thesis work Presentation Video

It's now over 2 years ago since I graduated from the BA program in Industrial Design, from Umeå Institute of Design (Designhögskolan), so I now feel it has gone enough time so I can actually watch my own presentation from the schools graduation/design conference Design Talks without suffering too much from my own nervousity on stage.

My presentation can be seen 24:25 minutes into the last video, called "Part 3" on this page:

Quick White Board Pen Sketches

Staying over at work after I finished my hours to sketch some cars before going home. Often speed is the key to success when searching for shapes and I think I found some interesting lines to build on in these quick sketches. After wrestling with the proportions of the lower sketch for a while I scanned the sketch and kept on experimenting with the proportions in Photoshop. After a while I think I found some more balanced proportions. Hopefully I will find time to keep developing these sketches into finished renderings. My guess is that the quickest sketch will result in the best design, but I think it's hard to know for sure until I see the finished renderings in front of me.

Equipment: Green whiteboard pen
Time: 4/5/25 min 

Equipment: Green whiteboard pen + Photoshop CC (Tool: Liquify)
Time: 4/5/25 min + 1 hour

House Sketch

I got a hold of a fineliner pen and a wide format paper, which gave me some architect wibes and resulted in this sketch. As usual I messed up the perspective a bit, which I more or less corrected afterwards in Photoshop. Maybe this is a first step in finding the design of my dream house. One of my colleagues is actually building her own designed dream house right now, which is of course inspiring, even if I'm not sure I will ever be prepared to put down the effort required to build my own house. Maybe, who knows!

I've had a lot at work lately, but now I feel the energy and time to sketch just for fun is coming back more and more, so hopefully new posts will come more regularly in the near future.

Equipment: Unknown fineliner pen
Time: 10 min 

Equipment: Unknown fineliner pen + Photoshop CC (Liquify)
Time: 10+10 min